Jailed for Freedom Fingerless Gloves

Remembering the American Suffragists Imprisoned for Peaceful Protest

These fingerless gloves are crocheted in a stretchable mesh where post stitches echo the texture of the jail door on the 1917 pin. They can be embellished with a heart-shaped lock and chain and a tiny key at the wrist symbolizing that we, the people, hold the key to our government by exercising our right to vote. Hearthside Fibers Galaxy yarn in Wingtips conveys the darkness of the conditions the women faced, while the metallic strand in the yarn suggests their steely determination. 4-page Ravelry download with illustrated step by step instructions $6

Jailed for Freedom fingerless gloves honor US suffragists, who in 1917 were the first persons ever to picket the White House. Many were arrested and sent to prison where they were beaten, abused, and force fed in response to their hunger strikes. The design for these fingerless gloves was inspired by a pin presented to women imprisoned in the fight for the right to vote.

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