Failure is Impossible Afghan

Commemorating suffragists' historic picketing at the White House with inspiring words of Susan B. Anthony

On January 10, 1917, after more than 70 years of pursuing the right to vote, the National Woman’s Party tried a new strategy and began silently picketing the White House gates. More than 1000 women from across the country peacefully protested over 18 months in the cold, rain, and heat. They held banners that made their case with quotes from the Bible, the Declaration of Independence, and from President Wilson himself.

On Susan B. Anthony’s birthday they remembered their famous leader with her final public words: “Failure is Impossible”

This easy-to-make afghan replicates a banner in the National Woman’s Party textile collection. Echoing the official purple, white, and gold colors of the National Woman’s Party, the afghan is crocheted primarily in Tunisian simple stitch (tss), with textured lettering added with simple embroidery stitches. The curved lower edge is finished with a fringe. Download the complete pattern today to begin creating this inspiring afghan and to learn more about the White House protests that began in January 1917.