Suffrage in Stitches
Katherine Durack celebrates 100 years of US women's right to vote through crochet

About Suffrage in Stitches

Katherine Durack is a crochet designer who created Suffrage in Stitches to celebrate women's history through original crochet patterns.

Born in 1890, my great aunt Edith saw many changes in her lifetime. As a child, she moved from Nebraska to Oklahoma in a covered wagon. She benefited from the discovery of oil on the family farm during the Oklahoma oil boom. And in 1920, Aunt Edith got the right to vote. I remember Aunt Edith for her mischievous sense of humor, for her love of crochet -- and for regularly exercising her right to vote for most of her 103 years.


In 2020, we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which gave American women the right to vote, including my grandmother and several great aunts. It astonishes me to realize that I am only a third generation voter. And yet, while US women regularly vote in larger numbers than men, overall voter participation is astonishingly low with an average of 40% of eligible voters failing to cast ballots.


Our great grandmothers may not have been able to vote, but they sure could crochet, and as I have discovered, they not only fought for women’s suffrage with crochet hooks in their hands, they actually crocheted to advance their cause. As a crochet designer with a passion for women’s history, I have followed in the footsteps of our great grandmothers, crocheting to promote the right to vote.  Through my patterns and stories, I hope to encourage women and men to value and exercise their right to vote by remembering what a hard won right it was, and maybe by taking to their crochet hooks to create some of my designs in celebration of those who fought for that right.

Suffrage in Stitches is a 5-year project leading up to the 100th anniversary of US women’s suffrage to celebrate history through crochet. By telling these stories with trunk shows, original crochet patterns, and magazine articles, I share the fascinating connections between the battle for women’s suffrage in the United States and crochet. Please join me! I invite you to schedule a trunk show for your organization, community group, or even your favorite yarn store.

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Attend or Schedule a Suffrage in Stitches Trunk Show

Katherine Durack's inspiring presentations combine history & crochet

Suffrage in Stitches Trunk Shows combine storytelling with the display of original crochet designs inspired by the history and heroes of the women’s suffrage movement. These non-partisan, civically inspirational programs offer a unique glimpse of history for those who crochet and those who don't.

  • Tell the stories of forgotten activists who sacrificed so women could vote in America.

  • Raise awareness of local and national women’s history sites

  • Explain the unexpected connection between crochet and women’s rights

  • Inspire audience members to participate in creative remembering and retelling by making their own versions of the crocheted projects

  • Encourage audience members to value and exercise their right to vote


Suffrage in Stitches Trunk Shows usually last an hour and feature flexible content, adaptable to the interests of your organization and venues including historical sites, community centers, and yarn shops. 


For those who are tempted to take up the cause with a crochet hook, Katherine Durack's beautiful and clear patterns will show you how to create her history inspired designs.


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